RWA National Conference 2012

It’s RWA 2012 Week: Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

You know how it goes. You get all excited about attending a conference because of the friends you haven’t seen in a year, or brilliant keynote speakers, or the chance to be a fan girl when you run into one of your favorite authors in the cafe shop, in the elevator, or who knows where. Nothing but fun. Until you sit down and examine the schedule.

I love conferences and I love workshops, spotlights and author chats, and I appreciate tracks – craft, career, or research. But there’s always one day, and one time slot, where I swear the RWA 2012 programmers are plotting against me.

I call it schedule wars, and I have found my Waterloo for 2012 – Friday, July 27 between 9:45 and 10:45. On average there are 10 options for each hour time block, so it’s not unusual to find at least two or three programs you want to attend in the same block of…
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It’s RWA2012 Week at the Waterworld Mermaids Pond!

There was a lot about being a writer that was totally foreign to me when I first started writing romance novels seven years ago. But there was one aspect of writing I understood completely–attending an organization’s national conference. In my other life (JOB), I manage mega-sized conferences for my clients. So, the idea of attending the RWA National Conference in Atlanta in 2006 on a lark (I was in Atlanta for a fanfiction event) sounded just right. Although I’d never finished a romance novel, novella or short story (if you don’t count fanfiction), I thought why not?

Throughout this week here at the Waterworld Mermaids blog, I will be talking about the 2012 RWA National Conference in Anaheim, CA, which begins this Wednesday through Saturday. The posts will include interviews with authors, book giveaways, and general updates on what’s happening in Anaheim, which I hope you will enjoy.

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