Gone Fishin’: An Authentic Male Voice

Legend has it that some mermaids were benevolent creatures, granting wishes to sailors who helped them.

I’ve assembled a panel of real guys and today, I’d like to welcome one such brave former sailor to Waterworld Mermaids.  I hope all his wishes come true for helping me out with today’s blog.  Fellow mermaids and guests, let’s give Cody a warm welcome!

I recently provided Cody with a few scenarios and asked him to tell me straight up—what would a real guy say and do in these given situations?  I was curious to know if I was tapping into an authentic male perspective in my writing.  So he graciously accepted the mission and in my opinion, blew it out of the water!  Without further ado, I give you Cody, 37, outdoor enthusiast, federal agent, good guy.

Warning: As I said above, I asked Cody to be blunt in an attempt to give an authentic perspective.  Some portions below may be…
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Opening Salvo

My boyfriend Joe (whom some of you may know as The Fairy GodBoyfriend) and I were talking in the car Saturday morning on the way home from the Adam Ezra concert in Lancaster, PA. Thanks to a considerable lack of both sleep and caffeine I can’t remember what got us onto the particular subject, but Joe made a comment about how he’s not a real talkative fellow. He’s just not the kind of guy who goes out of his way to introduce himself to everyone at the party. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Like everything men say, Joe’s statement is true…to a point. Joe has no problem talking to strangers. None at all. In fact, he enjoys it. If I ever leave him by himself at a party–or a line at Best Buy–he will inevitably be chatting with the person next to him upon my return. He’s not antisocial;…
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